Creating Knights from Men

Every Man should wish to leave humanity better for him being part of it

Our Origins

Forging Excalibur was born from the fires of adversity, struggle and pain. It is the journey of all Men; not because of the adversity but by the action of overcoming of it. The constant hammering, folding, shaping and being dipped into the fire of life.

These are origins which start with the transmutation and transcendence of self imposed limitations. It is the story of Excalibur inspired by the journey a simple piece of steel goes on to become a symbol of power, strength and responsibility.

Just like you, a Man who chooses to go on his Hero’s Journey to embody the seven standards of Men and live a life of Purpose, connected to powerful core values and a well defined Purpose.

Your Hero’s Journey towards Forging your own Excalibur starts here...

“Forging Excalibur - Rediscover your Masculinity” is a book for Men to discover who they are at their essence. It will help you re-ignite the fire within which will inspire you to find more meaning, purpose and feelings of fulfilment in life. It’s the beginning of your Hero’s Journey to become the Man you’ve always known you’re capable of. It will inspire you to be the very best partner, father, brother, son and friend you can be...

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8 Week

Knights Code
As Men, we struggle through life trying in vain to crack the code of our relationships, fatherhood, health, wealth, and life. I struggled for years to do just that until I realised that by learning, and implementing some key principles in my life, I could easily enhance the intimate relationship with my partner, be a more engaged and present Father and redesign my life so my days had meaning, and purpose.

12 Week

Hero's Journey
The Hero’s Journey is a 12-week partly self-paced and party LIVE delivered quest for your own Holy Grail. It is a journey that builds on what you’ve learned in The Knights Code and will help you to optimise all aspects of your life. If you think of The Knights Code as the foundations for your castle; the Hero’s Journey will be the walls, roof and reinforcements. 

90 Day

Round Table
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“When you learn how to connect with powerful core values and a well defined purpose, a rich, connected and deeply fulfilled life will be closer than you think...”

- Michael Lauria