Creating Knights from Men

Every Man should wish to leave humanity better for him being part of it

Our Origins

Forging Excalibur was born from the fires of adversity, struggle and pain. It is the journey of all Men; not because of the adversity but by the action of overcoming of it. The constant hammering, folding, shaping and being dipped into the fire of life.

These are origins which start with the transmutation and transcendence of self imposed limitations. It is the story of Excalibur inspired by the journey a simple piece of steel goes on to become a symbol of power, strength and responsibility.

Just like you, a Man who chooses to go on his Hero’s Journey to embody the seven standards of Men and live a life of Purpose, connected to powerful core values and a well defined Purpose.

Your Hero’s Journey towards Forging your own Excalibur starts here...

“Forging Excalibur - Rediscover your Masculinity” is a book for Men to discover who they are at their essence. It will help you re-ignite the fire within which will inspire you to find more meaning, purpose and feelings of fulfilment in life. It’s the beginning of your Hero’s Journey to become the Man you’ve always known you’re capable of. It will inspire you to be the very best partner, father, brother, son and friend you can be...

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12 Week

Transmute your Money Mindset
As boys we hear things like “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. These statements over time program us with unhealthy attitudes about money which in turn affect our ability to provide for our families. This self paced online course will transmute your attitudes around money and see you providing for your family at higher levels. You will learn strategies which will ensure you never struggle financially again.

12 Week

Ignite the Forge
This is the true beginning of your journey to turn the glowing embers within you into the fire that is needed to Forge your Excalibur. This transformational program will see you begin the de-layering process of uncovering your limitless potential, connect you with powerful core values and a well defined purpose and step up as a Partner, Father and MAN.

12 Month

This is our Premium Offering. On your 12 month Hero’s Journey you will be personally mentored by Michael Lauria in a group environment where you will go deeper into the foundational principles of the virtues, attributes and traits Men embody on their journey towards Knighthood. You will form a close brotherhood with the men on the same hero’s journey as you as we explore your psyche and dive deep into your shadow to become the absolute best you can be. And we conclude with a 7-day retreat where each man will forge his own ceremonial sword. This is a true Hero’s Journey and one which all Men should undertake if their truly wish to embody all it means to be the most integrated and embodied masculine man they can be.
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“When you learn how to connect with powerful core values and a well defined purpose, a rich, connected and deeply fulfilled life will be closer than you think...”

- Michael Lauria