12 Rules for Knights


12 Rules for Knights is the second book by Michael Lauria, author of the best selling “Forging Excalibur - Rediscover your Masculinity”.

Michael is a...


Men’s Coach






TV Show Host

He is also a qualified counsellor and Relationship Therapist. Michael has studied neuropsychology, neuroscience, and behavioural psychology.

Michael has won

Australian Mens Health Forums Victoria

Australia’s 2021 People’s Choice Award

Australian Man to Watch 2021

Australian Man to Watch was awarded for his work with Men and the growth of Forging Excalibur since it’s inception in late 2018.

Michael says...

“12 Rules for Knights was inspired by my writings and teachings in Forging Excalibur. As I sat down to write the sequel, I realised there was more to say to compliment the principles in the book and so I decided to expand on The 7 Standard of Men in Forging Excalibur."

It made sense that Knights needed not only a code of honour and standards to live by, which are covered in Forging Excalibur but also rules to abide by in life and in their roles as Knights to ensure they remained true to themselves and of service to their kingdom at a high level.
And so “12 Rules for Knights” was born as a compendium for the upcoming Forging Excalibur trilogy and also as its own stand alone publication to inspire Men to live by a set of rules that can guide them in creating a life they can be proud of.

Worldwide Release date is 6th December 2021

Just in time for Christmas so order your signed paperback copy now or purchase as a gift for the Men in your life.