Rae Bonney with Michael Lauria

Forging Excalibur – December 2019 on 94.1FM 3WBC A range of Australian research identified that over half of all male suicides are not predominantly associated with a mental health diagnosis. Based on coronial reports, male suicides in Australia are: • twice as likely to be linked to bereavement • 3.5 times more likely to be linked to relationship issues • …

Abundance Daily Podcast

This podcast interview with Alex Dumas was a great chat where we covered my book “Forging Excalibur-Rediscover Your Masculinity”, Masculinity, what it means to be a man and our toxic success driven society which is driving Men to places where they feel a lack of drive and purpose in life.

The Man Bits Podcast

Michael is a Men’s Mentor and Relationship Coach with over 15 years experience helping people achieve better results in all areas of their lives from relationships, career, business and money. He works with small-medium business and organisations guiding CEO’s and their staff through complicated staff management and re-structures. Michael is a published author of “Forging Excalibur – Rediscover your Masculinity”, …

Becoming a Fearless Father

Become a fearless father presents: The recording of the interview with Michael Lauria, author of forging excalibur, relationship & men’s masculinity coach and father of 3. 0:00 – What is the first step to rediscover your masculinity? .:.. – Who is Michael Lauria? In this interview Klaas van Oosterhout had with Michael Lauria, they talked about: * How to find …

The Underdogg Podcast

I enjoyed chatting with Rob James from The Underdogg Podcast all about my book Forging Excalibur, where we break down Masculinity and talk, in depth about The Seven Standards of Men which are the centrepiece of my book; the virtues I believe every Man could and should embody to become the very best version of himself possible.

The Limitless Podcast

In this episode Michael and I talk all about his brand new book, Forging Excalibur (on Amazon!), dive into Masculinity, and what it really means to be a ‘man’ in the modern world.

The Inner Warrior Podcast

It’s Mental Health Awareness week. Every day of this week there will be a new Podcast on an area of Mental Health awareness, a message that needs to be heard, a conversation that needs to be had and the changes that need to be made! Today I bring you Michael Lauria, Coach, Author and authority in the field of progressive …

The Get Invested Podcast

Michael Lauria spent many years as a successful property investment strategist, but after experiencing personal relationship challenges his perspective changed. Michael developed a passion for helping others in the midst of relationship struggles, and now, 15 years since that pivotal period in his life, he’s a dedicated relationship coach, mentor for men and a family therapist. Michael’s approach to counselling …

We’re Talking – The Mental Health Podcast

I loved chatting with Chris about all things Men’s Mental Health related. Our conversation went in a few different directions during this interview, and I don’t know how we managed to, but Donald Trump came up, as did Feminism and the #metoo movement. Some controversial topics that always lead to deep thinking. Listen Here

The SuperDad Show Podcast

On this episode, we are joined by Michael Lauria, a man with a lot of experience diving into the deepest oceans of what it means to be a man. He is a father, husband, coach, and author. He’s about to launch a book that will capture through the use of ancient wisdom insights into masculinity, success, mindset, money, relationships and …