Hero’s Journey

From: $466.67 / month for 6 months and a $697.00 sign-up fee

This is our Premium Offering. On your 12 month Hero’s Journey you will be personally mentored by Michael Lauria in a group environment where you will go deeper into the foundational principles of the virtues, attributes and traits Men embody on their journey towards Knighthood. You will form a close brotherhood with the men on the same hero’s journey as you as we explore your psyche and dive deep into your shadow to become the absolute best you can be. And we conclude with a 7-day retreat where each man will forge his own ceremonial sword. This is a true Hero’s Journey and one which all Men should undertake if their truly wish to embody all it means to be the most integrated and embodied masculine man they can be.

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This program will be delivered in a brotherhood (group) environment online with integrated LIVE IN PERSON workshops and themed Masterclasses covering the 7 standards of Men, Core Values, Purpose, Relationships and Fatherhood as well as a couple of surprises along the way.

Delivered in a Multi-Layered Format, you will benefit from:

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Comprehensive Workbook (delivered to your door)
  • Monthly 2-HR LIVE Group Video Calls
  • Weekly Q&A Live Streams
  • Quarterly LIVE, IN PERSON Masterclasses
  • Quarterly LIVE, IN PERSON 4HR Workshops
  • Paperback copy of Forging Excalibur (delivered to your door)

These Men will conclude their 12-month Quest with a week long retreat where they will literally FORGE THEIR OWN SWORDS, live like Knights, sleep in luxurious tents, cook together, make and break bread together, engage in deep reflection, interact in group activities and form deep connective bonds with each other during what will be a once in a lifetime experience for them that will redefine who they wish to become and set them on a path towards achieving their greatest potential in life.

The day after the retreat, we go on a pilgrimage to then assemble that night in “The Great Hall” where we will enjoy a hearty medieval feast together ahead of a solemn and ritual-filled “Knighting” ceremony which will see these Men join me as Knights of the Round Table ?

I told you this would be epic!
Who is this for then?

This is for any Man who wishes bring to REALITY the version of himself he dreams of becoming and be part of a company of Knights on a Hero’s Journey who will bond as Brothers.

Men who want to design a life which is fulfilled and full of contribution where they will become a version of themselves which will improve humanity and raise consciousness on our wonderful planet and for future generations?

If you’re this far in, and getting chills of anticipation like I am, and if the Knight within you resonates with these words, then I invite you to click through below for more details and to be placed on the waiting list for the next intake of Forging Excalibur – The 12 month Hero’s Journey for Men.

I show ordinary Men how to become Knights, and then guiding these Knights to become Kings ?