Ignite The Forge


This is the true beginning of your journey to turn the glowing embers within you into the fire that is needed to Forge your Excalibur. This transformational program will see you begin the de-layering process of uncovering your limitless potential, connect you with powerful core values and a well defined purpose and step up as a Partner, Father and MAN.



This is your chance to compete the 12-Month Hero’s Journey in 12 Weeks!
This will be transformational for you and perfect for those who would like a 3-Month intensive which will put them on a new and better path for life.

This is the option most people choose. It’s 3 months self-paced in a group environment where you learn about your psyche and connect with the Core Values and Well-Defined Purpose that you will then design your whole life and relationships around.

If you want to learn about your limitless potential, how to really support and provide for your family, and become the Man you have always wanted to be, enjoying financial abundance, a life of meaning and purpose as well as connected relationships, then this is perfect for you.

? Access to Weekly LIVE group Zoom Recordings
? Monthly Virtual Workshops
? Bonus Monthly Masterclasses
? Comprehensive workbook
? Private Facebook Group
? Full Hero’s Journey Program
? Optional weekend retreat in 3 times per year.

Then if you remain in the group and tick a few boxes over the following 9 months, you also qualify to apply for the sought after annual 7-Day “Sword Forging Immersive Experience Retreat”