Your Call to Adventure

From: $800.00 every 2 weeks for 10 weeks and a $800.00 sign-up fee

Forging Excalibur – Your “Call to Adventure” is an 8-week group Journey to discover your Immutable Core Values, Well Defined Purpose and create an internal Self Image that will see you thrive in life. Living a life feeling fulfilled, enriched and with Meaning.

Many Men are swimming in a sea of uncertainty right now, unclear on their path forwards and which way to swim.
That’s when we need to go deeper to find the current which we can swim with. You’ve never done inner work to this depth before…
This is where you will find Certainty.

This is where you will connect with your own powerful Core Values, not the fluffy stuff like “love”, “family”, “integrity” because if they were your core values, you wouldn’t be feeling uncertain, lost, directionless… Then we move into discovering your “Well-Defined Purpose” that vision for your life that gives it meaning, your reason; your “WHY” – which is the thing that will keep you motivated, and being of service to others.Finally, we get clear on your internal Self Image. THIS is the final step and the one which when combined with Core Values and Purpose, eliminates self-doubt, thoughts of “I’m not good enough” and “I can’t do it”. And instead, you step into confidence, self assuredness, determination and resilience.

This 8-Week Adventure will transform you as a Man.
This is limited to only 10 Men so you get everything you need as an individual to re-design yourself and create a life which feels powerful, purposeful and with meaning…

Are you ready to finally accept your “Call to Adventure” ??


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