8 week
The Knights Code

As Men, we struggle through life trying in vain to crack the code of our relationships, fatherhood, health, wealth, and life. I struggled for years to do just that until I realised that by learning, and implementing some key principles in my life, I could easily enhance the intimate relationship with my partner, be a more engaged and present Father and redesign my life so my days had meaning, and purpose.

I call this “The Knights Code” and I invite you, for the next 8 weeks to take the step to unlock this for yourself and live the live you truly desire, deeply connected with your partner, being a positive and present role model for your children and taking control of your life at a depth and level you have never done before. By doing this, you develop empowered of self confidence, and decisiveness. You eliminate procrastination and immediately become more attractive and desirable to your wife. Don’t you think it’s about time you became the Man you promised her you’d become, and the Father your children deserve? 

Well this is your chance. The Knights Code awaits for you to unlock it and begin to rediscover the Fire inside you that has been buried for too long. 

6 Month

Hero's Journey

The Hero’s Journey is a 6 month partly self-paced and party LIVE delivered quest for your own Holy Grail. It is a journey that builds on what you’ve learned in The Knights Code and will help you to optimise all aspects of your life. If you think of The Knights Code as the foundations for your castle; the Hero’s Journey will be the walls, roof and reinforcements.  

- Available upon completion of the Knights Code -

A Man goes on his Hero’s Journey by walking a path that not many men choose to walk, because it isn’t easy yet it is transformational at the deepest levels. 

The Hero’s Journey will guide you to be highly intentional, disciplined, and focussed in your life. You will learn how to relate to your partner to create long-lasting deeper connection. You will get clear on your rock solid Core Values that will be the guiding force in your life. You will create a well-defined Purpose which will help you connect with something greater than yourself which will help to bring your days, weeks, months and years meaning.

90 Day
Round Table Elite Business Mastermind

This mastermind is available by invitation only for graduates of The Hero’s Journey. 

The mastermind picks up where The Hero’s Journey leaves off. 

A man may complete The Hero’s Journey and live a fulfilled life of Purpose, Meaning and Connection with himself and his loved ones, yet for some; that’s still not enough. 

And they are the Men who get even closer proximity with Michael. 

These are the Men, who over 90 days will develop the Well-Defined Purpose they discover on The Hero’s Journey with the intention of creating a business to contribute to the world in some way. 


These Men sit at The Round Table with Michael and are given access to exclusive and world-class training, mentoring and guidance around Business, Marketing, and Life Optimisation on all levels. And not just from Michael as he brings in speakers, trainers and coaches from around the world. 

Each Man receives a leather bound, gold leaf special edition of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and will be personally mentored by Michael weekly to embody and implement the principles in the book with the objective by the end of the 90 Days to have a fully launched business WITH clients and deeply connected with his Core Values & Purpose whilst remaining connected and engaged with those he loves and values the most.

This is a small group of only 6 Men in each 90-day Mastermind to ensure Success for each participant and is Invitation-Only.

- Available upon completion of the Hero's Journey -

The Crucible

The Crucible is an upcoming LIVE 5-Day Immersive Event which will be exclusively open to the graduates of The Hero’s Journey and The Round Table Elite Mastermind and is an event where each Man will be tested physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The first event will be held in Australia later in 2021, freedom of travel permitted.

- Available upon completion of the Round Table -