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Our modern Toxic "Success" Driven society is placing enormous pressure on Men to acquire material wealth and social acceptance, resulting in Men feeling even more inadequate and uncertain, creating deeper levels of disconnection with themselves. There is nothing wrong with money, nor achievement, but to make “success” the driving force is damaging Men, as they do not know how to strive for goals and achievement whilst still remaining healthy, well balanced Men; able to integrate their masculinity in a healthy way.

Add to this, the fact that Men endure a glaring spotlight on them constantly, with movements such as #metoo and concepts such as "toxic masculinity" in our society. This is placing all Men in the same unhealthy container with this ideology that we all possess a core which is innately aggressive, violent and misogynistic.

This widespread sensationalist and false vision of Men is becoming mainstream and permeating our consciousness as well as indoctrinating young people into this mindset.

It is damaging to Men on a very core, fundamental level.

These unhealthy concepts then adversely affect their intimate relationships and quality of parenting. Men’s contribution to society is waning and the nurturing of healthy masculine within all Men which has served humanity at a high level for millennia is deteriorating.

As a result, we are faced with a generation of Men, who are totally unaware of who they are, their purpose in life and lacking any connection with the core of who they are and what they represent. 

These same Men are raising a new generation of boys who are under phenomenal amounts of strain and a crisis of purpose and identity, which is leading to record levels of depression and suicide in Men across the globe.

It is a catastrophe of massive proportions which is permeating our minds and adversely affecting our global culture at a level we've never seen and an issue which requires its own, brighter spotlight.

This is where my new book "Forging Excalibur" comes in. will help to bring light to these issues and attempt to answer questions Men across the planet have regarding themselves and their uncertain future as Men.

It attempts to bridge the gap between where we are and where we need to be as Men and in turn, give Men some great tools, healthy ideologies, concepts and awarenesses in order to begin the process of growth which is, in effect forging their own sense of "SELF" - their very own "Excalibur".

“Forging Excalibur” will help and empower Men to find purpose and meaning in life, get in touch with their core values and operate at optimum levels in life, which will contribute to creating a society where Men are fully embodied and integrated within their masculine.

I liken the process of a Man rediscovering his masculinity as that which a sword goes through when forged. It is subjected to extreme heat and a literal battering, before it becomes something useful with purpose. Similarly, a man must endure extreme adversity, walk through the veritable fire; if he is to develop the strength, resilience and fortitude to be able to fully embody and integrate the masculine”

Within these pages you will find the "Seven Standards of Men" which are standards I feel every Man should aspire to embody to create the very best version of himself he can be.

This book is for good Men who wish to become better.
These Men make better partners, better fathers and better sons; better PEOPLE.

This is a journey of self discovery where you will set into the fire, be hammered, folded, hammered again, shaped and crafted into the Man you know you have within you. This book will help you to forge your own version of "Excalibur" which you will carry with you in life with Strength, Passion and Purpose.

Download Forging Excalibur

E-Book Here For Free