The Get Invested Podcast

Michael Lauria spent many years as a successful property investment strategist, but after experiencing personal relationship challenges his perspective changed.

Michael developed a passion for helping others in the midst of relationship struggles, and now, 15 years since that pivotal period in his life, he’s a dedicated relationship coach, mentor for men and a family therapist.

Michael’s approach to counselling is very different and his special focus is on helping couples create more loving and connected relationships, by coaching them to bring the unconscious to the conscious awareness. This empowers you to re-create your relationship from a deeper sense of self-awareness.

To date, Michael’s success rate in keeping couples together and creating healthier, more fulfilling and sustainable relationships is 100 percent.

Based on this success, he is now launching a book ‘Forging Excalibur’, which explores the process of ‘boy to man’ and ‘man to masculine’ by breaking societal patterns of behaviour and toxic beliefs, along with everything this entails and beyond.

This is a great discussion that will really open your mind to think about a lot of things that we often don’t take or make the time to contemplate. Enjoy this thought provoking discussion with Michael Lauria.