The Inner Warrior Podcast

It’s Mental Health Awareness week. Every day of this week there will be a new Podcast on an area of Mental Health awareness, a message that needs to be heard, a conversation that needs to be had and the changes that need to be made!

Today I bring you Michael Lauria, Coach, Author and authority in the field of progressive masculinity.

Men are experiencing a crisis of identity. What it means to be a Man today is under so much more scrutiny than it ever has been, because of this Men are dying, suffering and being left at the way side. How can we stop this? Why is this happening? What needs to change?

What is healthy Masculinity? How can we be better, healthier more productive men?

Michael knows how, after experiencing an incredibly dark period in his life Michael vowed to turn his life around and embrace what it means to be a Man. Through adversity we build and explore ourselves, with courage and integrity we create ourselves, and through compassion we connect with ourselves.

If you are a Man who is struggling with your identity and question what it means to be a man and want to know how you can move forward from this point to a life of meaning and purpose?