The Man Bits Podcast

Michael is a Men’s Mentor and Relationship Coach with over 15 years experience helping people achieve better results in all areas of their lives from relationships, career, business and money. He works with small-medium business and organisations guiding CEO’s and their staff through complicated staff management and re-structures.

Michael is a published author of “Forging Excalibur – Rediscover your Masculinity”, speaker and group facilitator He has been featured on local, national, and international radio and podcasts.

He has a background in counselling, coaching and advanced knowledge and training in neuroscience, neuro-plasticity and the relationship between the conscious and sub-conscious minds.

Michael’s absolute passion is helping Men to embody and integrate all aspects of their masculinity and help them to grow into the Man they envision for themselves, their families and communities.

Michael lives in Melbourne with his wife and three children.

“It’s really about understanding coming into awareness of what it is in subconscious mind. And as men, how to become fully integrated with what you consciously aware of and what you sub-consciously unaware of.”

“As soon as you take 100 percent ultimate responsibility for everything in your life, you’re going to empower yourself to make changes in areas that are not serving or not working.”